Most skate centers use carpet throughout the building. Carpets are usually roll-goods (traditional roll carpet) or Carpetile. When choosing your carpet, make sure that you use short cut-pile design. It needs to be short to allow people to skate over it, and it needs to be a cut-pile because a loop carpet will not last longer than a month in a roller rink. It is also suggested that you use a nylon carpet.


Carpetile: This 100% nylon carpet is not only durable and versatile, but is also very easy to install and maintain. The tile is shipped in assorted patterns, and you can use the different styles to create your own patterns or just lay it out at random. Carpetile is perfect for snack bar

use. Carpetile is also available in a glow pattern. Carpetile must be installed using a non-curing carpet glue. Sold by the square yard.

Carpetile Glue: This non-curing carpet glue is designed to be used with Carpetile. It holds the individual tiles in place but will also allow you to easily remove a damaged or dirty tile and replace it with a new one. Sold in 4-gallon containers. Coverage per gallon: 150 sq. ft.


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