The skate floor is the centerpiece to any roller rink, so make sure that your floor leaves a positive impression on your customers. In the past, skate floors were traditionally known for being made of hardwood. Hardwood still makes the best skating surface, but there are now more options that are economical and still create a good skating experience.

HARDWOOD: A maple, hardwood floor makes the best all-around skating surface. A maple floor will last between 25 and 50 years, should require less maintenance than other floors, and can tolerate humidity better than other floor systems.

ROLLERBOARD: Rollerboard floors have become more popular in recent years. They are made with sheets of a super high-density particle-type board with tongue-and-groove joints for secure installation. A rollerboard floor must always have good solid coat of a urethane skate floor coating. Rollerboard floors work well when one is renovating an exhisting building into a roller rink.

CONCRETE: Skating on a coated concrete surface is the most economical and the easiest type of floor to install. You will want your floor to be a monolithic pour that should not vary more than 1/4 of an inch throughout the entire floor.

SKATECOURT: SkateCourt and other modular-type floors have grown in popularity in recent years. Modular floors are popular with rinks that specialize in hockey. SkateCourt uses 10" square tiles that connect together with virtually no seam. A modular floor works best when renovating an exhisting building, especially when the building has an exhisting concrete slap that is not condusive to roller skating.


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