You already know that you want to build a rink, but now you need to find out if you should build one.

For a roller rink to be successful, it requires a major resource - people. Usually a facility will need at least 30,000 people living within a ten mile radius for it to be successful. Communities with less than 100,000 people usually need no more than one skating center. Also, find out the enrollment numbers in your local schools. Pay special attention to the amount of children enrolled in elementary and middle school; these children make up your potential customers. You can expect between 2-3% of these children to become regular customers. The rest of them will be occasional customers, meaning they may occasionally show up for birthday parties or school functions.

You can check with your local school board to receive enrollment numbers, and you can also get plenty of useful information from your local Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to receive detailed demographics of your area, you can go to This web site provides pretty solid information.

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