Every rink should have a pro-shop or sales area. Skate sales in and of themselves do not translate into a huge amount of income for a roller rink, but it does help a rink insure that they have return skaters. Once a person has their own pair of skates they will begin to go skating on a more regular basis. Train your employees to be sales people, and encourage them to sell skates through commissions or sales bonuses.

Choose about three different skates at three different price points and keep a working inventory of those models. If you don't stock skates, you will not sell skates. Also, keep plenty of wheels, bearings, laces, sox, and other accessories on hand.
Use plenty of lighting in your sales area with a white or light colored background. Slatwall usually works best for displaying skates, and use a display case for showing wheels, bearings, laces, and other accessories.


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